Satakunnan Seta ry
Satakunnan Seta ry is a regional non-governmental organisation for LGBTIQ+ rights. It aims for a society of equality regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.
Current events
If you are interested in our most recent events and want information of them in English, please contact us via email at 100setahallitus(at) or DM us on Facebook. We're happy to help! :)
Membership fees 2018
Our organisations membership fees are 14 euros and 10 euros (from unemployed, students, pensioners, people undergoing military or non-military service)

Rainbow Family meeting

Rainbow family meetings continue in 2018. Satakunnan Seta co-operates with this group. The group has its own Facebook page called Porin sateenkaariperheet. Email address is pori(at)

Youth Group

Youth group meetings are held regularly all year long, but irregularly during summertime. Keep track on current events and changes by checking our Facebook page.  - Satakunnan Seta ry, PL 261, 28101 PORI